OUR Valves

MACIS High Pressure and Control Technology has developed a series of hydraulic control products to assure safe and easy pipe connection through 20,000psi(1379bar). These Flow control valves, Check valves, ESD valves, Safety valves, Throttle valves, Hydraulic actuators, Filter valves, Exhaust valves and Pilot valves are engineered to the highest standards of repeatable quality.

The reliable performance of these products has made Macis one of the world’s leading suppliers of elevated pressure components.

Hydraulic Control Components use a compact coned-and-threaded connection which permits the larger bore sizes and increase flow rates common in this pressure class. Hydraulic Control valves are available in 1/4” , 3/8” and 3/4” I.D, tubing sizes and several patterns to satisfy widely varied requirements.

Our high pressure products have been widely used in several industrial domains such as marine, off-shore, aerospace, Oil, natural gas, chemical engineering and industrial automation and control.

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