In the Aerospace, our customers appreciate the scope and quality of our AS9100 certified manufacturing capabilities. The outstanding flexibility of our component supply with service quality, care and attention made possible by our dedication to excellence in aerospace manufacturing. We have a proven track record of providing top quality, utilizing our proprietary Quality Management system, Our current processes ensure we have the right materials and people available at the right time and in the right place so that our products and parts are guaranteed reliable.

Oil & Gas Industry

MACIS is reputable in the design and manufacture of industrial control systems and components, our products include valves, sensors, actuators, control systems and monitoring systems. Our experienced engineering teams provide professional services including design, consultation, commissioning, maintenance, and training. Our High Pressure and Control Technology have developed a series of hydraulic control products to assure safe and easy pipe connection through 20,000 psi. The reliable performance of these products has made MACIS one of the world’s leading suppliers of elevated pressure components.

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MACIS Pte Ltd was founded in SINGAPORE, Our highly skilled engineer team with many combined years of international and regional experience have assisted us to play a crucial role for our customers in the Aerospace and Oil & Gas industry